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At Elite Mobile Wash Systems we specialize in managing our client’s vehicles throughout the year on a repetitive basis. We offer full service cleaning plans weekly, bi-weekly, or on a once a month basis.

We are completely mobile and come to you at the home or office to perform services. We are locally owned based out of Nichols Hills and have built a reputation for quality constancy and convenience.

Our clients trust our team for the professionalism, quality, consistency and convenience to take care of their vehicles.

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It's our privilege to attest to the quality service Elite Mobile Wash Systems has delivered to our family for many years now. Thank you for the value you offer our family and we look forward to years of great service ahead. Blessings!

- Steve & Darcie Shafer, Vehicle-Mercedes GLS550, Porsche 911 Quote End
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  • Phone:405-971-4750
  • Address:P.O. Box 5464 Edmond, Oklahoma 73083
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